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I was born in Huntsville, Alabama on September
9, 1969.  I have two older sisters.  Our family
moved from Alabama to Warrenton, Virginia in
1976 as my dad was working for IBM and they
opened a new facility in Manassas.  (My dad
suffered a major stroke in 1990 that forever
changed him, and he died in 2008.)  I have lived
in various places in Virginia most of my life, minus
a 6 year period when I lived in Asheville, North
Carolina and then the Myrtle Beach area of
South Carolina.  I currently live in Alexandria,


I have a B.A. in Philosophy and a Master's in
Public Administration/Public Policy from George
Mason University.

I worked for
Edison Electric Institute – a trade
association in Washington, D.C. - for electric
utility companies – for 14 years; my last position
was as a Manager of Program Services for the
Utility Solid Waste Activities Group.  In that
capacity, I worked on hazardous materials
transportation safety and security issues.

My primary interests are in public policy
development relative to regulatory advocacy
and public administration, whether that applies
to government or non-profit organizations.

My dream job would be to work for the FBI as a
Policy Analyst, specializing in juvenile crime
prevention and community policing.

My hobbies include
abstract painting, poetry,
photography, hiking, and reading any non-fiction
I can get into.  I read
philosophy now and then. I
love all animals and other non-human living



Animal Welfare League of Alexandria

A Forever Home Rescue Foundation


National Parks Conservation Association

The Skeptics Society


My Astrological Chart

My Dad did this - without the aid of a computer
program - when I was just shy of two years old.  
Pretty interesting to me as it is strikingly
accurate on most accounts.


I have a tattoo of a phoenix on the inside of my
left ankle and a tattoo of the symbol for the
band Evanescence on my lower back (it is more
than a tribute to the band, but it's too personal
to mention here).


I took the official Myers-Briggs personality test
in the early 90s and I was an INFP.  I took an
personality test in October 2014 and
got very different results - ESFJ:

"ESFJs are people persons who are warmly and
genuinely interested in others. They read people
quite accurately and turn the information they
gather into supportive judgments. They like
people and know how to bring the best out of
them while being highly supportive. ESFJs are
very likeable persons because they know how to
make people feel good about themselves.

ESFJs have a high sense of duty and
responsibilities. They place great importance on
security and stability and are very focused on
life's details. They perceive quicker than anyone
and do what needs to be done.

ESFJs are warm and have a lot of energy but
they need others's approval and acceptance.
They get a lot of personal satisfaction from
others' happiness and giving is one of their first
sources of satisfaction in life. ESFJs are warm
and energetic. They need approval from others
to feel good about themselves. They are very
sensitive and have a hard time seeing someone
they care about dealing with difficulties.

ESFJs focus on reading other people, which they
are very good at, and perfectly know how to
adapt their manner according to the person they
are dealing with. They have a very well defined
personality and value system. They have a
specific view of how things should be and can
easily communicate them. However, they would
tend to challenge those ideas against their outer
world rather than their inner value system which
make them dependent on the community and
society they live in.

Some ESFJs happen to have no deep internal
understanding of values they stand up for which
can lead them to develop very questionable
values they genuinely believe in. Their lack of
intuition prevents them from getting the big
picture and lead them to the wrong behaviours
as they fail to see the real consequences of their
actions. That can be dangerous as ESFJs are
usually quite popular and can manipulate others
quite easily.

ESFJs have a strong need to control their
environment. They are comfortable with defined
structures and organizations and like to create
their own order. They can turn into 'control
freaks' and should be careful not to step over
others' freedom.

ESFJs have a deep respect for laws and
traditions. They follow conventional ways and
dislike innovation and adventure. In order to
satisfy their need for security, they automatically
accept the policies of any pre-existing system.
This behaviour may lead them to blindly follow
rules without questioning them enough.

As a conclusion, ESFJs are sympathetic, helpful,
cooperative and tactful individuals. They value
tradition and security, and will always seek
stable lives that are rich in contact with their
friends and family."

Some of that is true, but a lot isn't.

Me:  Left brain dominant.

Dominant personality trait.


This shirt sums me up pretty well.


This is really funny:  We came across my 1963
edition of the game Clue, and decided to
play it. There were detective pads inside, still
preserved from the last time it was played
in the 70s or 80s. One of my friends, upon
turning her pad over, found the below message.
I identified the handwriting as belonging to Mitzi
Bell Richmond, one of my dear childhood
(and adulthood) friends. We died laughing!!