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September 24, 2010

We went to an arts festival at Huntington Beach
State Park.  There is a castle there, Atalaya, the
picturesque, Moorish-style winter home of Anna
Hyatt and Archer Huntington, sculptress and
philanthropist, respectively, who left the park
and adjacent Brookgreen Gardens as their
legacy.  Some of the artists were located in the

We had an idea of what kind of art to expect,
and we were right.  A lot of jewelry, glass items,
realism paintings, photography.  We were going
more for intel on the booth set ups for ideas.  I
am trying to get juried in to an art show in
November and we haven't built the display yet.  
Nor have I done enough small paintings.  I am
not going to take any of the larger ones due to
space constraints.

Here are some pictures.