Abandoned Blacksmith Shop in Johnstown, PA

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The following photos were taken at a Blacksmith Shop in Johnstown, PA.  I got the opportunity to
photograph at the railroad through involvement in the DC Urban Explorers Meetup group.  

The earliest surviving building of the Cambria Iron Works, the Blacksmith Shop was erected circa
1864. Located within the ten-acre Cambria Iron Works Complex, the Blacksmith Shop is the most
historically significant of the structures. Originally owned by the Cambria Iron Company, the
Blacksmith Shop produced a wide range of metal products throughout the 19th and 20th
centuries. With the decline of the steel industry and the closing of Bethlehem Steel Corporation in
1992, the Blacksmith Shop has since been vacant.

The Blacksmith Shop is a large brick structure that was constructed in at least five stages. The
original building is octagonal shaped with an octagonal cupola, containing heavy timbered roof
trusses with iron tension rods, common-bond red brick walls and pilasters. In the 1870s, a
rectangular wing was added to the west elevation and in 1885 another wing was added on the east
elevation. It retains a full complement of original turn-of-the-century forging and smithing tools and
a variety of steam-powered hammers, including a ten-ton steam hammer owned by the
Smithsonian Institute and leased to the Redevelopment Authority .


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(Exterior shot taken by Jennie Fairbanks)

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