True Crime

I’ve been reading a lot of true crime books as of late.  It’s a genre I used to really be into, until I read The Stranger Beside Me by Ann Rule and was so negatively affected by it that I didn’t read true crime for years afterwards.  What creeped me out so much about that book was the random selection of Bundy’s victims.  (Well, they weren’t exactly random, as most of the victims had attributes closely resembling Bundy’s ex-girlfriend.)  The idea that any one of us could fall prey to someone like him is very unsettling.

Reading these books, I am alarmed at the depravity of the killers.  One book I recently read, Cruel Death, discusses the murder and dismemberment in Ocean City of a couple from Fairfax. VA.  It was a random encounter with the killers that lead to this very normal couple’s demise.  The killings were gruesome and brutal.  Shocking.  The murderers were a former Navy SEAL and a college graduate.  Seemingly normal people.  But sociopaths in reality.

There are sociopaths among us.  There is a lot of evil in the world.  You really can trust no one.  Always be on guard.