Washington National Cathedral

On February 3, 2016, I was given the opportunity through one of my Meetup groups to photograph the National Cathedral in Washington, D.C.  We were given special access to photograph the part of the Cathedral that is normally not open to the public during tours.  During what they called “Seeing Deeper”, they removed the 2,000 chairs that are normally in the church.  From their pamphlet:

“We draw from the medieval tradition of cathedrals where there were
no chairs, and the vast open space served different human needs and
activities.  Worship took place at the high altar and the rest of the
space was used for community gatherings – merchants selling goods,
people sharing ideas and taking shelter, pilgrims seeking spiritual
strength and solace – it was sort of a medieval community center and
indoor town square.  ‘Seeing Deeper’ offers an opportunity to simply be
in the empty space, to be enveloped by sacred music, to consider
important issues of our day, to pray…”

There were other groups there to photograph the space, so sometimes having someone in your shot was unavoidable.  I decided to leave the people in my shots instead of removing them in Photoshop because it helps demonstrate how vast the space is.  Here are my chosen shots:

















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  1. Wow! Did you send this link to my Mom? If not, you should!! Ask her to pick one or two that she likes and if you print them up and frame them, I’ll cover the shipping!!! 🙂 What u think in your professional opinion?

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