Abstract Art Class at Torpedo Factory

I started an abstract art class at the Torpedo Factory last week. The instructor is a renowned artist from India who also teaches at the Smithsonian. We are learning to use a variety of materials; so far we have worked with charcoal and pastels, which I have never worked with before. The instructor is stressing working in layers, and I am applying what we are learning to my painting at home. The class is teaching me to slow down and be mindful, to enjoy the process of creating art as it evolves. The thing I love most about creating art is that it allows me to be present, to be in the moment, and all of the cares of the world are left behind. What a gift. I am really enjoying the class, and I plan to use the concepts I learn to find new directions and approaches to my art.

New Painting Style

I am working on a painting in a style I have never painted in before.  (And also in a color combination that I do not typically use.)  The painting is pretty much done, but I need to tweak it a little.  I like the result; it is quite a departure from my existing styles.  I used a palette knife to scrape and spread the paint I had already applied, making short, quick strokes.  I typically use a palette knife to apply thick strokes of paint.

I think it is important as an artist to keep trying new things and to continue to grow and evolve.  The painting is called “The Butterfly Effect”.  It will be posted on my art site by this weekend.


Finished it:

the butterfly effect