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It was a great time.  I wish I had brought my journal, but I
forgot.  I did, of course, bring my camera.  Click on the thumbnail
for a larger image.

Views upon arrival at Buck Springs gap.

Steps leading up the trail; trail.

The first stop on the Buck Springs Trail was to the former site of
the hunting lodge of George Vanderbilt, who entertained guests
at the site in the early 1900s.  The Vanderbilts had owned a
considerable amount of land that now comprises the Pisgah
National Forest, but sold the land to the federal government.

Here's a pic of what was left of some of the old structure:

Views from the site of the old lodge.

Continuing on the trail...

Fallen trees.  At this point I started to think about abstract
photography.  I am going to do some research to see what's been
done.  There is so much potential for this type of photography.  If
I had more confidence in my painting, I would try to capture
hidden images from photographs I take in nature and paint those
images.  I actually have one idea that I have been thinking about
from our recent waterfall hike, I just don't know how to approach
it yet.

Continuing on the trail...

Descent back down the stairs to the parking lot; me cheesin' while
hanging on one of the overlying branches on the path.

On the way to the trail, I had noticed a sign for Candler.  On the
way back, I took the turn.  It said Candler was 12 miles from the
spot.  Since I had travelled 12 miles on the parkway to get to the
overlook in addition to my 20+ minutes on the highway from the
house, I decided to take the turn for Candler.  There was a
warning that the road was steep and winding and not
recommended for trucks.  I was happy that I had taken Delores'
Volkswagen and not my SUV.  I had fun - put the car in neutral
and hugged the turns.  The truck would have ended up - not in a
good place.  The road was virtually deserted, so I stopped in the
middle of the road to get a final picture of a tiny waterfall:

I had a great time.