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Playing field hockey in high school.

Old time photo with high school friend Kelly,

Holding fish heads with my friend Mitzi.

Soccer pyramid, 1986.  I am at the top.

Getting ready to leave for the prom, 1986.  Can
you believe that dress?! :)

With Ally, November 2005, just before she went
to Rainbow Bridge.

This was our interpretation of George
Washington crossing the Delaware.  I am in the

Me and my friend Boyd on Halloween, 1993.  

Me as a cowboy, 1974.

Sitting on the front porch swing with Seven in
the yard, July 2007.  

Why do parents insist on taking these pictures?  
And why am I posting it?

"Santa, shouldn't you be writing this down?"

Wow - I even had a big butt then.

Easter, 1972, just shy of 3 years old.

March 2010.  Finally broke down and got it cut

May 2009.
Yes, I was a
deadhead in the
1973, 3 years
Senior photo.  
That's my real
hair color, I
Jr. High softball
Trip to FL, 1992.   
There were jellyfish
Getting ready for high
school graduation.  My
oldest sister's dogs had
puppies.  We kept one -
the one on the right.  
Nice perm, huh?  I am so
glad that the
fashion-deprived 80s
are over!
My big sis Vanessa
made this cake for
April 1970.