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Miscellaneous paintings that I like, seen at the
Museum of Modern Art in New York City:

Andre Masson, Meditation on an Oak Leaf, 1942

Carlo Carra,
Funeral of the Anarchist Galli, 1910

Willem De Kooning,
A Tree in Naples, 1960

Jean Dubuffet,
Joe Bousquet in Bed, 1947

Karl Schmidt-Rottluff,
Pharisees, 1912

Lee Krasner,
Untitled, 1949

Marlene Dumas,
Chlorosis (Love Sick), 1994

Claude Monet,
The Japanese Footbridge, 1920

Norman Lewis,
Phantasy II, 1946

Pablo Picasso,
The Kitchen, 1948

Sean Scully,
Wall of Light, Desert Night, 1999

Odilon Redon,
The Haunting, 1893
"I feel the need of
attaining the
maximum of intensity
with the minimum of
means.  It is this
which has led me to
give my painting a
character of even
greater bareness."
- Joan Miro