Abandoned Railroad and Shop in Rockhill, PA

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The following photos were taken at the East Broad Top Railroad and Shop in Rockhill, PA.  I got the
opportunity to photograph at the railroad through involvement in the DC Urban Explorers Meetup

A National Historic Landmark—the highest designation available in the United States—the East
Broad Top Railroad and Coal Company is the country's oldest narrow gauge railroad. Opened in
1856, the line winds through 31 miles of beautiful mountain scenery and remains virtually intact –
including track, steam locomotives, cars and facilities. Also nestled in the remarkably unchanged
landscape are villages and towns which sprang up during the early years of operation.

The railroad suspended operations in 1956 and was purchased by the Kovalchick family, who kept it
operational as a tourist line; however, family members no longer wish to operate the line and are
considering auction or scrapping. The East Broad Top Preservation Association is working to
acquire and preserve the railroad.


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