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I acquired this collection in 2004.  Viva Ebay!  There are small items
placed around the edges of these works called
milagros (usually
translated as "miracle").  They are essentially good luck charms.  
Each one has a different meaning.  

This is probably my favorite piece.  The skeletons are made out of a
very delicate - and hollow - plaster.  I am surprised that it has
survived through 3 moves, one out of the state.  As I mentioned on
the Day of the Dead page, the wood used in these pieces are from
taco crates.  What a great way to utilize and recycle available

These skeleton party animals are at the bar drinking tequila (or as
I call it, te-kill-ya).

Skeletons eating tacos.

They like to eat fruit, too, apparently.  I guess the lemons come in
handy in between shots of tequila.

"Now you see here, Mr. Death..." (My favorite scene from Monty
The Meaning of Life).

He hand-crafts of plaster all of the skulls used in his works.  He
offers them for sale.  I have used some.

Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden.  I  guess clothing is irrelevant
for these two.

The frame was made by Holman; the art inside is a postcard
depiction of Frida Kahlo's
Girl with Death Mask, 1938.

Shadow box.

Plaster skeleton with wooden coffin.

Wooden frame, with milagros and printed image of the Virgin of
Guadalupe - the Mexican equivalent of the Virgin Mary - the most
significant and beloved religious figure in Mexican culture.