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Funny Videos

Stories from The Onion
An hilarious news parody site.  Click on this
heading to take you to my page with my favorite
Onion stories.

The Lazlo Letters
Parody letters written by comedian Don Novello
to various businesses, and their hilarious

You Are Worthless:  Depressing Nuggets of
Wisdom Sure to Ruin Your Day
If you are a reader of self-help books you might
find this as funny as I did.  I found it in a
bookstore while I was really bummed out and it
actually made me laugh out loud.  Click on the
link to go to my page with favorite excerpts from
the book.

Dogs Speak
This is not as corny as it sounds - I especially like
the Shih Tzu at the end.

Amusing Insults
I got this years ago - I highlighted my favorites
in bold.

Billboard Signs
Warning:  this has sexual references.

Jokes with Graphics/Images

Bad Jokes (Jokes So Bad They're Good)

London Airport Announcements
This is hilarious - trust me.  From the web page:

"We'd go and sit on the balcony at Terminal 3 at
Heathrow Airport, directly under one of the PA
speakers where we put a tape machine in a bag
with the microphone poking out of the top. Then
we'd look for a flight that had arrived in the last
40 minutes from somewhere where you'd
expect people with unpronounceable names i.e.
Saudi Arabia.

We would then go to the Airport Help Desk with
a pre-written note containing the names of
fictitious passengers and ask them to read out
the names over the PA system.

The passenger’s names looked innocent enough
on paper but they sounded like something else
when read out loud."

Parents who are smarter than their kids.

Crime Scene Photography

Really cool - D found this page which features
crime scene photography with substances that
illuminate where blood has been after it has
been "cleaned up".  It's not recognized
professionally, but is very interesting.  I have a
feeling it will be a part of all investigations in the
near future - much like how DNA testing is
commonplace today.
This is really funny:  We came
across my 1963 edition of the
game Clue, and decided to play
it. There were detective pads
inside, still preserved from the
last time it was played in the 70s
or 80s. One of my friends, upon
turning her pad over, found the
below message. I identified the
handwriting as belonging to Mitzi
Bell Richmond, one of my dear
childhood (and adulthood)
friends. We died laughing!!