Abandoned Altar in Catonsville, MD

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The following photos depict what remains of the ruins of St. Mary's College, a.k.a "Hell House", and
several abandoned structures and houses near where Thistle Mill once stood in what is now the
Patapsco Valley State Park.

Little more than a pile of bricks is left of the college, built in 1868, abandoned in 1972, ravaged by
fire in 1997 and demolished in 2006, nor does much remain of the power plant and working
structures of Thistle Mill which were demolished more recently.

Still, haunting echoes of what once was may be found in the woods for those who dare to look;
stone staircases lead upwards to nowhere, a lonely crumbling gazebo and its cross guard the path
to a swimming pool now filled with debris and trees and walls adorned with graffiti, above which a
forlorn and rusty water tank watches and waits.

Across the Patapsco river lies the abandoned Thistle Mill site, flattened a couple years back, only
part of its retaining wall can attest to its past. Up the hill are several houses presumably once
occupied by workers or managers, now abandoned, waiting to be explored.

Also included are some abandoned houses near "Hell House".


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