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Alice Mayer of Mayer Photography is my favorite
photographer, hands-down.  While she is
talented doing family portraits and is hired often
to do this kind of work as well as weddings and
shots on locations throughout the world, my
favorites of her work are her
Abstracts Gallery
as well as her
Graves and Graveyards studies
and her bizarre but SO COOL
Doll Studies.  While
you may find the Doll Studies a little weird, don't
be intimidated to check them out:  my 80
year-old Mom thought they were great!  Of
course, she did give birth to me, so...  

White Pigeon on Sill, Poros

When I worked in D.C., I was tired of everyone
referring to pigeons as "rats with wings", so I
asked Alice to take a photograph that captured
the beauty of a pigeon.  I said it as a joke, but
she followed through.  I think she was
successful, don't you?