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Me and my sister Denise (I am second from
right, Denise is far right) at the 2003 9-11 5k run
in Arlington, VA.

Mom and Dad at the piano, circa 1800s.  Just

This picture is hilarious.  Look at those glasses!  
My mom, sister Denise (left) and sister Vanessa,
1969.  I was a bun in the oven.  We joke that my
Mom was thinking, "I can't believe I am going to
have another one of these."

Mom and Dad at the beach.


Mom at chorale, 1992.  

Mom at chorale, 1994.  

Me and Dad reading National Geographic
magazine, 1970.

Me and Mom in the front of the house in
Huntsville, AL, 1970.  

Dinner outing, 1990s.  My brother-in-law is
second from the left, next to my sister Vanessa.  
I am in the middle.


Vanessa and Bob with a friend.

Mom and Dad, Daytona Beach, 1998.

My sister Vanessa's wedding, 1985.

Mom and Dad in front of a restaurant back in the

Dad and some friends on a camping trip.  He is
second from the top, on the right.

Mom praying.

Dad at beach.

Mom and Dad.

Mom with a camel.

Vanessa at Jazzercise, her obsession.

Another one of Vanessa.

Denise, on vacation.

Denise and her husband, John.

Denise and John in Mexico, 2014.

Mom in the woods.

Mom in 1965.