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Most people don't understand nihilism.  They think
that it means you are negative and dark.  This is
not true.  Simply speaking, nihilism represents the
belief that life has no inherent purpose, value, or
meaning.  Inherent is the operative word.  Because
life has no meaning in and of itself, the meaning
your life has is the meaning you give it.  There is a
lot of hope in that.  Meaning does not come from
outside yourself, it is not dependent on a god or
other people.  This is the only life we have and it
is precious because of that.  I suppose I consider
myself an existential nihilist.  I do believe that
existence precedes essence and that we are what
we do.  (To oversimplify.)  I believe in life-driven
purpose, as opposed to a "purpose-driven life" (an
emphasis on god).  Life can end in a second. Best
to enjoy each moment we have; one day we will
cease to exist - forever.  We are but specks of
dust.  That's why it's pointless to beat ourselves
up for mistakes we have made.  They really don't
matter.  All we can do is learn from those mistakes
and move on.  We are the sum total of our
experiences, good and bad.  So there is no need for

Memento Mori
"Remember thy death".  Essentially, it is a
reminder that we are mortal and that we should
not make a big deal out of anything, even our

Nihilist Memes

(Because I can laugh at myself.  "Rule 62":  Don't
take yourself so seriously.)


“A universe without purpose should neither depress
us nor suggest that our lives are purposeless.
Through an awe-inspiring cosmic history we find
ourselves on this remote planet in a remote corner
of the universe, endowed with intelligence and self-
awareness. We should not despair, but should
humbly rejoice in making the most of these gifts,
and celebrate our brief moment in the sun.”

― Lawrence M. Krauss