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(Students:  if you would like to know the references/bibliography for
any of these, contact me and I will provide them.)

Juvenile Crime Prevention:  A Multi-Variate
Approach (2002).  This is a paper that I wrote
for an Administration of Justice class in the last
semester of my graduate program.  Since it's
not a doctoral dissertation, there is no original
research here.  I merely reviewed the
contemporary writings in the field and combined
certain theories to come up with what I thought
was the best approach.

paper, and accompanying presentation that
I wrote in 2000, describes and evaluates two
business processes (the identification of sex
offenders and the development and
maintenance of criminal history records) that
utilize information systems.

As a part of my graduate curriculum, I had to
take an Ethics in Public Administration class.  
Even though I have a degree in Philosophy, I
thought to myself "This is going to be a bunch of
B.S."  I was pleasantly surprised, however, to
discover that there ARE certain "absolutes" in
ethical philosophy.  These absolutes - held on a
universal level, much like certain social taboos -  
can be used to form personal conclusions as to
the viability of particular moral considerations.  
paper, titled "National ID Cards:  Protection
or Intrusion?" (2002) explores the debate in the
context of being one year after the terrorist
attacks of September 11th, weighing the ethical
pros and cons of protecting the public from
further attacks at the expense of civil liberties.  
If you'd rather stab yourself in the eye with a
hot poker than read this paper, you can glance
at the
PowerPoint presentation.

paper, which I wrote for a class on the
management of nonprofit organizations
explores the controversial issue of whether
nonprofit organizations that receive government
grants should be permitted to lobby.  I contend
that the answer is a resounding yes.  Some see
it as a conflict of interest.  

paper is old as well (2002), but it discusses
environmental policy in the Netherlands, which I
knew absolutely nothing about at the time I
wrote this paper.