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Seven went to Rainbow Bridge in March 2013.  I
miss her every day.

Gene Simmons has nothing on this tongue!

Eating a greenie.

On the couch.


Seven's first trip to Rehoboth Beach, with her
big sister Ally.


From 2002, with Ally.

Me and Seven in the front of the house.

Summer 2007.

Taking a nap, February 2008.

Myrtle Beach, November 2004.

Bed head.

View from above.

Seven's big sister Ally, doing her trick, 1997.  She
left this world in November 2005.  I miss her.  
She was a great dog and the only dog that
Seven has ever liked!

Ally at Big Meadows, Shenandoah National Park.

Just got a furcut - March 2008.

Seven was "Pet of the Month"  at the condo
complex where I lived for 2 years.  She was
telling everyone.

April 2008.

Our little mountain dog.  April 2008.

December 2010.

December 2010.


Stuck around the trash can.

December 2009.

December 2009.

December 2009.

October 2009.

September 2009.

September 2009.

September 2009.

August 2009.

May 2009.

Got hooked around the trash can again.  2010.