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       NOVEMBER 2010

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Being on St. Croix was...interesting.  The island
is mostly poverty-striken.  The people were
basically nice, but we stood out like a sore
thumb.  We ended up leaving.  I wouldn't
recommend St. Croix.  

Roosters run the streets and wake up before
sunrise, and regular and hermit crabs are seen
all over the beach.  You are not allowed to take
any shells, coral, or sand.  They ask you at
customs.  I had a piece of coral in my suitcase,
and I am certain that they removed it in San

Most of the activities are outside, so if it rains (as
it had most of the time I was there, so no tan)
there is really nothing to do but spend all day in a
bar (or walking the streets with open booze),
which I didn't do.  The rain made laying on the
beach a no-go, and affected the sunrise at Point
Udah (the Eastern-most area of the United
States, so we got to see the sunrise first).  We
were able to see a wicked sunrise before the sky
lit up.  

There were two interesting forts in Christiansted
and Fredrickstead.  

We went snorkeling on Buck Island, a very
beautiful place - the water was turquoise.  
There were many beautiful structures there, I
got lots of photos.







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