Trolley Graveyard near Johnstown, PA

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On April 25, 2015 I got the opportunity to photograph at the Trolley Graveyard through
involvement in the DC Urban Explorers Meetup group.  We were in a nearby town photographing a
blacksmith shop, and we were surprised by our organizer with the chance to photograph an
additional location.  What makes this especially great is that the Trolley Graveyard location has been
kept very secret, and it is very hard to gain access.  Most people have to participate in one of
Matthew Christopher's workshops in order to be able to shoot there.  We got lucky because our
contact at the blacksmith shop knew the owner of the property and contacted him for us.  


Click on the thumbnail for a larger image.  (Click on the large image when it opens to display it in a
smaller size.)  You can also view a
pdf slideshow.  (It takes a minute to load.)

And some photos taken in the nearby town: